We ROC Winter

Winter in the #ROC is often unforgiving and long. And so are the challenges that a city must endure to change and evolve…

A City Eager to Evolve

With every new interview comes a different perspective on a city eager to evolve. Known are the shortcomings; valid and oft written about, but lesser known are the ways to stamp them out. A common theme is that through shared understanding, honesty, and collaboration we will continue to make headway.


Where Does Inspiration Come From?

Inspiration is all around us, sometimes we just have to open our eyes a little wider or shake off the weight that the monotony of our daily lives sometimes saddles us with.


Thank you for supporting ROC Our City!

We’ve just begun our third week of content both on the site and on social media. The response so far has been really positive and frankly emboldening.


Hello ROC City!

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