Like all great cities, Rochester, NY wasn’t built in a day. It took generations of strong backs and those willing to risk it all. And it will take future generations to continue the renaissance necessary for Rochester to grow and flourish for generations to come.

ROC Our City was created by a team of people who appreciate the rich history of Rochester, NY and understand that the future of Rochester rests in the capable hands of each and every Rochesterian. For many of the same reasons others have chosen to build their lives within this great city, we’ve decided to dedicate a website to it. Cities, however, don’t inspire, people do.

This website and associated social media accounts features interviews with those whose personal and professional journeys represent the best of Rochester; bold, authentic, and driven. Our goal is to shed light on their stories so that we can better understand the beauty that surrounds us: the way we live, learn, and grow, together, within this city.

In sharing their lives with us, and you, ROC Our City is not just a another love letter to Rochester, it is an homage those who make this city resilient, close-knit, and forward thinking. Inspired by all things Rochester, both past and present, we hope to inspire others the same way the people of this city continue to inspire us.

We present to you those who #RocOurCity.


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Creative Director

Michael Sutton

Promotional Director

Jason Hughes

Art Director

Suzie London

Web Developer

Adriana Polizzi


Rich Brainerd


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Amy Moore


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